magical little pieces of wood...



What are they?

These magical little pieces of wood are approximately the size of coins (dime to silver dollar).  Some are a little larger.  Each wood chip is an original and is cut, sanded, burned with a wood-burning pen, and painted by the artist.  Because no two pieces of wood are exactly alike, every one is unique.  If you are looking for an original, handmade, and inexpensive gift, this is the place to find it.   Custom orders for personalized gifts are welcome. 

The inspirational words on the wood chips are a collection of requested words by many different people over the years. Send us your wood chip wish list or select from the list of words already assembled.   

The stories created by the wood chips are so touching and full of love …. and seem to be endless.  Hold one in your hand and feel the magic for yourself.   

What to Call them?

Hmmmm….  well, they have been called wood chips, love knots, tokens, love runes, buttons, runes of living-loving-laughter, wisdom chips, heart inspirations, love chips, word chips, and many other names.

What to do with Them?

They have been collected, shared, tossed along pathways, spread in gardens, thrown in the ocean, gathered and savored, kept in bowls on coffee tables, carried for good luck in pockets, purses, wallets, and car ashtrays. They have been placed on refrigerator doors, keyboards, night stands, doorways, counters, desktops, under pillows, and on top of pillows.   They have been table decorations at weddings and baby showers. Teachers, Tai Chi instructors, and Yoga instructors have used them in classrooms.  They have been carried around the world and shared “just because”.  They have been made into buttons, mobiles, key chains, tree decorations, and jewelry.  They have been used as daily inspirations, advertising, business promotion gifts, and fundraising.  They can be used in so many fun and imaginative ways!